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2011 - Italy Travel Blog
(Sept. 1 - Oct. 29)
[Milan, Chiavari (& Ligurian Coast), Bologna (& Ferrara), Orvieto, Rome]
2006 - Europe Travel Blog
(Sept. 12 - Nov. 15)
[UK: London]
[Spain: Seville, Granada, Barcelona]
[France: Provence, Nice, Cote d'Azur]
[Italy: Rapallo, Piedmont, Lake Garda, Venice, Veneto, Florence, Cortona, Rome]
2002 - Italy
(Sept. 17-30)
[Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Isle of Capri, Rome]
2001 - Italy
(Apr. 28-May 22)
[Umbria, Tuscany and Milan]
2000 - Italy and Switzerland Visit to Maninis:
a. Italy - Part 1 [Ligurian Coast]
b. Italy - Part 2
[Lake Como]
c. Switzerland
d. Seas, Lakes and Oceans
1998 - Tuscany

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